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Functions And Measures

Hand-eye coordination, decision making, reaction time, accuracy, attention, strategy planning, confidence, skin conductance/sweat are just some of the functions and measures we are testing.

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Testing The Players

Thanks to our partners, we are able to recruit gamers from all levels. We are testing everyone, from beginners to top esports professionals.

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Cutting Edge Science

We use scientific tests modeled on the latest findings in the world of cognitive science. We make sure that our results are interpretable and can give you clear proof of the effectiveness of your product.

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Processing The Data

Once the tests are done, data analysis begins. We thoroughly investigate every aspect of your data and walk you through every step of our process.

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We give you access to the full range of your product’s capabilities. How is your product affecting gamers through time? Is the effect stronger for beginners or professionals? How do you stand against your competitors? We have the answers. You have full autonomy over your results and you are free to use them however you want.

Our Research Team

Member of a science team

Garance Merholz

Scientific Coordinator

Lorenzo Ciccione

Scientific Advisor
Member of a science team

İzel Dilan Sarı

Scientific Advisor
Member of a science team

Başak Türker

Scientific Advisor
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